A Complete Change of Heart

March 8, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Crazy Alice called in to say hello to George, and he replied he thought she was “sounding well.” Alice then asked Artie if he planned on leaving the show, but he insisted he had no plans to go.

Alice went on to assure Artie that she was “getting to like him,” before warning him that “Hollywood was evil,” pointing out Don Johnson’s career proved her point.

Alice added Artie was “a piece of gold right now,” and that she didn’t want his career “turn into a piece of glass.” Upon hearing Alice’s views, Artie told her that he thought she was “making a lot of sense,” and Alice began yelling, “I like Artie!,” while adding that she was happy he was sitting in Jackie Martling’s chair. However, after Howard hung up on Alice, she called right back to curse at him for doing so. As Alice was yelling, though, Howard announced he’d had enough of Alice, and hung up on her again. Alice proceeded to call in for a third time, with the same result occurring.