Hoping for a Glimpse

March 8, 2007

Howard played the voicemail Eric the Midget left the show earlier in the week criticizing Howard for hanging up on him, followed by prank calls Richard and Sal made using the clip, including one to Gary the Retard.

Eric the Midget then called in to refute some of the things a caller, who claimed to have gone to high school with Eric, said yesterday. Howard went on to mention Doug Goodstein of Howard TV wanted to do a day-in-the-life special on Eric’s typical day, but Eric replied he lived a pretty boring life, so he wasn’t sure he wanted to go through with it.

This led Howard to ask what Eric did yesterday, and he said he went to the dentist, which Howard acknowledged would’ve been perfect for the special.

When Eric next discussed how he got out of bed by himself every morning as well as his “special toilet,” Howard insisted Eric give his permission for the special. Eric proceeded to note that, after he ate breakfast, he usually spent the rest of his day in front of his computer and watching television.

As Eric talked about how he was bored with this season’s “American Idol,” Howard challenged him to a sing-off, but Eric refused. When Eric then announced this Sunday was his 32nd birthday, Howard wished him a happy birthday, and Eric thanked him.