Beth Gets Harassed By a Bunch of Punks, Scare Bianca

March 8, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard brought up that Beth got into a situation with six teenagers while she was out walking Bianca yesterday.

Howard reported the group of boys circled Beth and Bianca, and that one of them bent down and blew a whistle right in Bianca’s face, causing her to shake uncontrollable.

Howard said Beth asked the boy who blew the whistle if what he did made him feel good, and he claimed he “didn’t do anything.” Howard also commented the boy in question ended up swearing at Beth and making racist remarks about her, which he admitted “bummed him out.”

This led Howard to say Beth was crying last night over an e-mail Robin had sent her, and Robin explained the message was about how she was saving some of the ashes of her horse, Blaze, who passed away last week. Robin commented that she wanted the ashes to remember Blaze, especially because she was having a difficult time accepting he was gone.

Since they were on the subject of ashes, Robin noted she had the ashes of her first cat while George said he kept the ashes of his dog in an urn in his bedroom.

Howard took a call from King of All Blacks who thought it was “funny” that white people always knew “how many black people” were involved in crimes, referring to Beth’s account of her ordeal yesterday with the six kids that harassed her and Bianca. However, Howard hung up on him because he wasn’t making much sense.