High Pitch Erik Cops Up to Asking Artie for a Cash Loan

March 14, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

A caller wanted to know if Howard had anyone in his family who hit him up for loans after his SIRIUS deal was announced, but he replied he was lucky in that regard and that his answer was no.

Artie acknowledged, though, that he wasn’t as fortunate, noting that there was a number of people who asked him for money on a regular basis, and that he gave it to them most of the time.

In fact, Artie recalled the time he had to write someone who wanted money from him a check for $2,000 because he didn’t have the cash on him, and that, as he was writing it out with what he guessed was an unhappy face, the guy asked him, “Hey, what’s up with the attitude?”

Artie added that, if the borrower in question couldn’t have “kicked his ass in a second,” he would’ve “strangled him” for his remark.

High Pitch Eric then got on the line and acknowledged he called Artie just last week for a loan to deal with a problem he was having with his feet, which he noted was either “diet-betes” or a case of the gout.

Eric went on to say he weighed around 320-330 pounds, and Howard advised him to stop eating fried foods in order to lose weight.