Morning Wrap Up: In the First Hour

March 14, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard began this morning talking about yesterday’s episode of “American Idol,” and how he liked the fact that Eric the Midget refused to go along with his plan to vote for the show’s worst singer, Sanjaya. Howard went on to say Artie gave him a copy of “Casino Royale,” and Artie added that he purchased “Borat” for himself at the same time.

After Artie noted he bought the DVDs at an FYE in the city, Fred pointed out he could’ve found them at Barnes & Noble as well. This led Artie to say he “loved” shopping for books, noting that, although he “couldn’t read many of them,” at the very least he liked holding them.

Opinions from the South

A caller named Bolton, reported he was a second-year law student, and Howard explained how he liked people who went to law school but didn’t pass their bar exams. Artie then acknowledged that he had wanted to throw a party “each time John F. Kennedy Jr. failed the bar,” which led to a discussion about what he would’ve done with his life had he not died. As the conversation continued, with Howard recalling he knew John Jr., Bolton interrupted him to say he figured John Jr. had no interest in practicing law. However, because Bolton had no connection to John Jr., Howard didn’t think he based his statement on any facts. When Bolton revealed he was calling in from Georgia, Fred began playing “Dueling Banjos,” which upset Bolton to the point that he referred to himself as “smarter than any motherf’er in the studio.”

Know When to Hit the Edit Button

Howard mentioned he watched some of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, and he thought it was “insufferable” because of its length. Howard proceeded to say the footage he saw on VH1 Classic wasn’t edited, and the event’s organizers let all the musicians take as long as they wanted when giving their inductions and acceptance speeches. Howard then commented he found Keith Richards to be particularly annoying when he inducted the Ronettes. Gary came into the studio and said he’d been to two such award ceremonies, and found them to be tedious, even when one of his favorite musicians – Bruce Springsteen – was being honored. When Howard brought up Van Halen induction during this week’s ceremony, Richard came into the studio to talk about what a great drummer he thought Alex Van Halen was. Since he was on the topic of music, Howard also mentioned Diana Ross was a guest on “American Idol” last night, and he thought she was funny because she kept saying the made-up word “pronunciate” instead of “enunciate.”

A Question for Chris Rock

King of All Blacks called to report he wasn’t going to be able to listen to the show later today, and therefore wanted Howard to ask one of his guests, Chris Rock, why his movies weren’t funny. Howard replied that he felt Chris was one of the “funniest people alive,” and that he had high hopes for his latest film, “I Think I Love My Wife,” mostly because Chris wrote it. King then noted he figured Chris had a hard time in film because, to him, he didn’t play roles designed for black people, while Howard argued the same thing could be said about Eddie Murphy, who he added he always found to be funny in movies.

Always Be Sure

After playing a clip of Diana Ross’ faux-pas on “American Idol,” Howard mentioned he tried to never use words he wasn’t absolutely sure he was using correctly. This led Howard to point out he thought Tim Sabean was “so bright,” but that he was a terrible speller in e-mails.

Robin responded she hated it when she saw people she first felt were smart misspell words in messages, while Howard acknowledged he wasn’t sure how to spell “restaurant” recently when he was writing a note to Gary, so he changed what he wrote so he could avoid that word and use “dinner” in its place.

Despite everyone thinking Diana misspoke, Fred claimed he looked up “pronunciate,” and that it really was a word, even though it was “rarely used.”

Grover the Rapper then called in to say he voted for Sanjaya “eight times” last night before reporting he saw Artie perform in Boston this weekend, and wanted to know if he had sex with the woman he brought up on stage. Artie replied, though, that he didn’t get to be with the woman, who he referred to as “a lunatic chick,” both because she was trying to make out with him in front of her boyfriend, and also because she followed him into his limo and continued trying to kiss him in front of his sister and mother who were also in the limo at the time.

Artie went on to say he invited the woman and her boyfriend to his after party, and she approached him there and began “licking” his face as he spoke to another woman who seemed interested in him.