The Morning Chew: Howard Discusses an Array of Topics

March 15, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The show began today with Howard reporting that his “favorite contestant,” Sanjaya, had survived yet another cut on “American Idol,” and asked JD if he had any clips of his performance.

When JD came into the studio, Howard pointed out that he was growing out his hair, which JD responded was because people were telling him it “looked good.”

Ready for a New Gig?

Howard got to a tape from yesterday’s “Wrap Up Show” of Artie admitting he’d leave the show if he was offered a good sitcom. Although Artie added he didn’t want Howard to “hate” him if he did move on, Howard stopped the clip and assured Artie he wouldn’t have any ill-will toward him if a good deal came up for him.

This led Artie to discuss the development deal for a sitcom he had with Fox, and noted only one script – written by the Farrelly brothers – was finalized, but he wasn’t sure if he’d officially be asked to be on the sitcom, especially because the Farrelly brothers were now pushing for “a black guy” to play the role he originally thought they wanted him for.

Still Refusing to Take the Part

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eric the Midget called in to once again proclaim he wouldn’t participate in Howard’s scheme to have Sanjaya crowned as the next “American Idol.” Eric insisted Howard stop voting for Sanjaya, but Howard refused, noting his plot was to see him win the contest. After Artie advised Eric to have “Sanjaya rubbed out” – referring to the “hit” Eric ordered on a former high school classmate of his in a voicemail he left for Johnny Fratto – Eric insisted everyone misinterpreted his “joke,” adding that even Johnny knew he wasn’t serious.

Eric also said he’d “really laugh” next week if Sanjaya was voted off “American Idol,” and added the reasons he didn’t want Sanjaya to win the contest were because, to him, “the kid cannot sing at all and he’s annoying.” However, Howard told Eric those were the exact reasons he was encouraging his listeners to vote for Sanjaya.

Before Eric got off the line, he said he didn’t appreciate one particular remark Howard made this past week. Eric explained the comment that bothered him was Howard saying he felt Mel Karmazin should’ve taken Eric to Congress with him when testifying about the potential SIRIUS-XM merger because it would’ve garnered sympathy for the cause. As Howard laughed and as Fred did his impression of Eric, Eric paused and turned the subject back to “American Idol,” asking him what he’d do if Sanjaya ended up being voted off the program.

Howard responded, though, that he didn’t really care if that happened, even though he again mentioned he’d like to see Sanjaya win.