Eric the Midget Just Won’t Budge on ‘American Idol’ Voting

March 19, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eric the Midget called in to once again to dissuade Howard from trying to get Sanjaya elected as the next winner of “American Idol.” However, Howard informed Eric that wasn’t going to happen, explaining he was “very much into voting for Sanjaya.”

Eric then noted he was voting for Lakisha on this season’s “American Idol” before claiming he was going to try to ruin “Dancing with the Stars” for Howard by voting for Heather Mills on it.

Howard then played clips of Angelina Jolie and David Lee Roth impersonators backing Sanjaya, as well as a voicemail from Crazy Alice, who backed up Eric’s position on the controversy. When Howard also played a tape of “Michael Jackson” supporting Sanjaya, Eric responded the voice sounded “a hell of a lot like High Pitch Eric,” but Howard insisted Eric needed to “have his ears checked.” Howard proceeded to play a clip of a woman who was going on a hunger strike until Sanjaya was voted off “American Idol,” which led him to say there were protests over the weekend to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the war in Iraq.

Howard went on to acknowledge the protests were so small-scale that he didn’t know about them until after the fact, pointing out that, to him, if there was a draft, the antiwar movement would have more steam than it did.

While Eric was still on the phone, “Arnold Schwarzenegger” called in to “totally back” Howard on trying to get Sanjaya voted in as the next “American Idol.” As “Arnold” discussed how much he wanted to see “a dark horse” win the competition, Eric replied he didn’t vote for Arnold during the past gubernatorial election in California, although he also admitted his vote might not have counted seeing as the voting machine he used “ate his ballot.”

Because Eric lived in California, “Arnold” threatened to “cut off his health care tomorrow,” while also comparing Eric to one of his alien costars in “Total Recall.” However, because “Arnold” couldn’t answer Eric’s questions about his appearance on last night’s edition of “The Apprentice,” Eric said he thought it was “the fake Arnold,” even though Howard insisted otherwise.