Keeping the Streak Alive

March 19, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

During Robin’s news, Howard took a call from Greg from Howard TV, who reported KB was having difficulty “performing” on his date with Lexi in her hotel room.

Greg then gave the phone to Lexi, who said KB was still fully clothed except for his socks, and that “he couldn’t get it up.”

KB next got on the phone and admitted “the date” was over and that he’d be going home a virgin. KB went on to admit he was depressed by his lack of performance, and added he couldn’t get aroused by Lexi’s body because she wouldn’t get naked.

Lexi proceeded to get back on the line and acknowledged she wouldn’t get nude for KB while they were alone, and that she didn’t want to “scar” him by being his first sexual partner.