Sanjaya Support: Great Minds Think Alike

March 20, 2007

Dave, the founder of, got on the line to say the Website received about 1 million hits a day, and that he got the idea after watching the third season of “American Idol.”

Dave then acknowledged this was going to be “a tough week” for Sanjaya, pointing out he’d almost made it far enough in the competition to be guaranteed a spot on the upcoming “American Idol” tour. Dave went on to acknowledge he felt the producers of “American Idol” could get Sanjaya taken off the show if they wanted, and that he wouldn’t be surprised if that happened. However, Robin replied that if it was ever revealed that “American Idol” didn’t really pick its winners solely through audience voting, she thought that would be the end of the show.

Dave reported he was 24 years old and that his Website focused primarily on “American Idol.” Eric the Midget then called to say he disapproved of Dave’s Website, but he told Eric that some people watched “American Idol” just to see if the worst contestants were winning. When Dave revealed that he was gay, Eric quipped that that explained why he liked Sanjaya so much.

Dave mentioned he and his current partner had been seeing each other for three months, but added they haven’t had anal sex yet. This led Artie to question if Dave was actually gay, and he assured Artie he was, noting he’d never had sex with a woman in anyway.