Apologies and Goodbye: Get Me My Tapes Now!

March 21, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard brought up that he got a number of negative e-mails yesterday following his blowup at Gary for not having tapes of Riley Martin ready when he wanted them.

Howard then read some of the messages, with a few guessing his engagement to Beth was causing him more tension than he had in his life before. Upon hearing the messages, Artie said he understood Howard’s reaction to the situation, noting he knew Howard took the show seriously and therefore got upset whenever things didn’t run smoothly. Howard next transitioned into clips from Riley’s supposed final SIRIUS broadcast that aired last night, with the Riley stating he could no longer work for his current salary. Riley went on to blame the fact that he was black for the little money he was being offered, adding he didn’t just fault “the Jews” for this. As the tapes continued, Gary got on his intercom and announced Riley planned on taking his show to the Internet if he wasn’t able to negotiate his SIRIUS contract to his satisfaction.