Elton John Performs at Madison Square Garden

March 26, 2007

Howard brought up that Elton John celebrated his 60th birthday yesterday with a concert at Madison Square Garden, but that he wasn’t invited to attend. Howard acknowledged, though, that he wouldn’t have been able to go to the show even if Elton had invited him because he was so sick. In fact, Howard said all he did over the weekend was catch up on “Lost,” which he noted was “a tremendous waste of time.”

Howard then took a call from Dana Reeve’s sister, Debbie, who reported Dana and Christopher’s, son, Will, was doing well and living with “friends and family.” Debbie went on to credit Will’s strength with the fact that he was just 3 years old when his dad became paralyzed, so he knew how to cope with grief from an early age. After Howard kidded that he had volunteered to take Will in after Dana died, Debbie assured him he was “number two” on the family’s list of potential guardians for him.

Howard asked if Debbie found anything out of the ordinary when she went through Dana’s belongings – which she said she didn’t – adding he had “a locked drawer” full of naked photographs of women he’d known, and that he’d be embarrassed to have anyone find them after his death. Debbie said Christopher’s wheelchair was donated to another paralyzed person, although there was some recent discussion of getting it back so it could be displayed in the Smithsonian. Debbie then mentioned she was a doctor and had the same alma mater as Howard, adding she went to medical school at Boston University.

Debbie also talked about how Dana died of lung cancer even though she never smoked, and discussed a Website designed to fight for a cure for the disease. As Debbie neither confirmed nor denied Howard’s claim that Dana was seeing another man following Christopher’s passing, Artie pointed out his mother was touched by Dana’s life, and Howard said he felt the same way as well.