Ready For the Big Day

Beth prepares to co-host 'The View'

March 26, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard mentioned Beth was co-hosting “The View” tomorrow, and that she was nervous about her appearance. However, Howard also said he and Beth discussed current events – including presidential candidates, the controversy surrounding Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, and the fact that the salmon population is decreasing – over the weekend so she was ready to talk about any topic that came up. When Lisa G. from the Howard 100 News came into the studio and reported she was going to be in the audience for tomorrow’s “The View,” Beth got on the line and begged Lisa to reconsider attending the taping. However, Howard assured Beth that no one from his news team was going to bother her, and that Lisa was going to be there simply as an observer. Eric the Midget then got on the line and thanked Beth for not supporting Howard’s quest to get Sanjaya elected as the next winner of “American Idol.” Beth then explained, though, that while she didn’t want Sanjaya to keep advancing because she felt sorry for him, she thought Eric was against him for a different reason, namely that he didn’t want to have to sit though Sanjaya’s performance during the upcoming “American Idol” tour. After Beth expressed concern over how to handle the resident conservative co-host of “The View,” Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Johnny Fratto called in to suggest she look at Elisabeth as “a dog hater” to help calm her down, but Beth laughed off his recommendation.