Update from the Love Hotel

March 27, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard talked to KB and Nicole, who were on the monitors in the studio, while they were in their hotel room. Nicole reported she was about to give KB a lap dance, and instructed him to take off his pants so she could start.

As KB undressed, Howard told Nicole that he thought she was “the hottest porn star ever,” and she thanked him for his remark, admitting she was worried Howard was going to think she was “fat.”

Nicole then began touching KB, which led to him saying to Howard, “Dude, I need to become rich so this can happen everyday.” Nicole then started “talking dirty” to KB while she touched him before taking off her top for him. Because Nicole was getting so graphic and began using her hand on KB, Howard had the live feed stopped so the two of them could finish what they’d begun in private.