Job Done: Running with Scissors & Steven Seagal Kinda Night

April 9, 2007

Howard said he watched “Running With Scissors” with Beth and neither really liked it.

Howard then put in the new Steven Seagal movie, which Howard said was terrible but he loved every minute. He’s amazed that Seagal still acts like he can do anything, “even now that he’s got a double chin, his karate is down to waving his arms a couple times, and he’s wearing a giant kimono.”

Howard then described the plot of the movie, which follows a warplane that’s stolen and sold to terrorists. Howard said Seagal has to save the day, and not only does he recover the plane, he has a dogfight with another plane, winning by using his plane’s invisibility feature.

Howard loved how Seagal ends it by saying “Job done,” while the American flag fluttered behind him. Howard said he’s gonna rent it again.