Wrestling Trivia: Eric the Midget vs Vito the Normal-Sized Man

April 9, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Vito, a wrestling fan, came into the studio to take on Eric the Midget in a game of Wrestling Trivia.

Howard tells Vito that if he loses, Sal gets to teabag him.

Question 1: In Rocky 3, Stallone’s character wrestles Hulk Hogan’s character. What was Hogan’s character’s name? Eric doesn’t know. Vito steals with the right answer.

Question 2: Donald Trump shaved Vince McMahon’s head after his wrestler beat McMahon’s in a match.

Question 3: Which wrestler represented Trump? Eric answered right; Bobby Lashley. Vito nailed question 3; Dusty Roads.

Question 4: NFL legend and NY Giant Lawrence Taylor wrestled which popular wrestler? Vito answered correctly; Bam Bam Bigelow.

Question 5: Andy Kaufman staged a feud in the 70s with which wrestler? Vito knew it was Jerry Lawler. Eric answers question 6 correctly; Diamond Dallas Page.

Question 7: What wrestler campaigned with George Bush Sr. in 1992? Neither contestant knew.

Question 8: Before he was governor, Jesse Venture was the mayor of what city in MN? Vito had the right answer; Brooklyn Park.

Question 9: John Cena wrestled under what name before joining the WWE? Vito correctly said The Prototype.

Question 10: Who was the only Jewish wrestler to pin Hogan for the WCW title? Again, Vito knew the answer; Goldberg.