Robin Quivers Is Off to the Races

April 12, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Following some news stories, Robin noted she had to leave early to catch a plane to California for her big race this weekend.

Howard then said he knew Robin didn’t like the show going on without her, and she stuck her head back into the studio to report she wouldn’t be able to listen to it on her way to the airport.

Howard went on to mention he hoped “Robin didn’t die” during her race, and Fred pointed out the race sounded dangerous to him given the fact that the participants weren’t expert drivers. As Howard brought up the Imus story again, Robin got on the phone from her ride to the airport. Robin started by telling Howard that no celebrity had ever died at the race she was taking part in, so she wasn’t worried about her safety. Howard then acknowledged that, if Robin did die, he’d take a week off from the show. Upon hearing that,

Artie jokingly suggested Robin “put the pedal to the metal” this weekend. Howard also took a call from Eric the Midget, who reported he and his roommate were moving into a house from their apartment. After finding out Eric was wearing his “PJ pants,” Artie advised him to put on “some jeans” because he thought Eric must’ve looked “gay” in his attire.