Virginia Tech Shooting Inspires A Good Idea from Ronnie

April 17, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard brought up the massacre that occurred yesterday on the campus of Virginia Tech and how he couldn’t believe something like that could happen.

Howard proceeded to mention how the police and campus authorities originally thought the gunman had exited the campus following the first round of shootings, and added that he didn’t blame the authorities for not knowing exactly what was going on when the second round of killings started.

When Robin pointed out the gunman was from China, Howard responded by saying he didn’t think things like this didn’t happen in that country, and thought additional restrictions on guns needed to be implemented in America.

However, Robin mentioned she felt that, if someone wanted a gun badly enough, he or she would get one regardless of the law.

Because they were talking about security, Howard had Ronnie the Limo Driver come into the studio to give his suggestion as to how to make places like college campuses safer. When Ronnie said he believed metal detectors would help prevent some shootings, Howard admitted he was impressed with the answer and congratulated him for it.

Fred then pointed out, though, that he didn’t think Ronnie’s plan would work given its cost and many people’s unwillingness to be inconvenienced by devices such as metal detectors, even if they did make people safer.