Artie Is Officially Playing the Field

April 18, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard gave Artie an ear contraption designed to wake people up who fall asleep while driving, asking him to wear it during Robin’s news to stop him from nodding off during the segment.

Artie then mentioned how an intern, named Jenny, approached him to ask if he’d be willing to go on a date with the winner of the upcoming Intern Beauty Pageant, and she came into the studio to discuss it.

Although Jenny claimed she’d never fantasized about Artie or having him as her boyfriend, she added she’d go on a date with him if the situation ever presented itself.

After Jenny left the studio, Artie revealed he’d be bringing a date to Gary’s upcoming dinner party, and that they’d only seen each other once so far. This led Gary to get on his intercom and acknowledge he couldn’t wait to meet the woman, while Robin noted she could tell Artie was officially “playing the field.”

After Artie reported he’d been with four women since he and Dana ended their relationship, Howard commented he thought his success was an example of why he didn’t need to lose weight seeing as women were still willing to sleep with him despite his size.