Quick Hits: Joan Gets Canned, Baseball’s ‘Howard,’ & Plastic Surgery

April 19, 2007

These subjects were briefly discussed prior to a break:

• Howard brought up that Joan Rivers was let go from the TV Guide Network, where she covered red-carpet events, and was replaced by Lisa Rinna. Gary then came into the studio and asked Howard why he thought that happened, and he responded he felt Joan was getting too much money for her services given the network’s low budget.

• Howard played a clip of a sports talk show host comparing Howard to the baseball player, Vladimir Guerrero. The host explained he felt that, like the way Vladimir made the hitters in his lineup better, Howard also brought ratings to the disc jockeys who followed his show when he was on terrestrial radio.

• Howard announced Tabitha Stevens was stopping in, and Artie acknowledged he didn’t recognize her in the hall when he saw her earlier because of the latest plastic surgery she’d gotten. Benjy then said he noticed the surgery as well, but that he felt it made Tabitha look “more human” than before.