Bigfoot Gets His Own Game

May 7, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard got a caller on the line and introduced a new contest, The Bigfoot Matching Game, explaining Bigfoot would be read a name, and the caller would have to guess if Bigfoot would know the person’s partner. Here were the names Bigfoot were given, as well as his responses:

• Batman and _____. The caller guessed Bigfoot would know the answer, and he did when he said Robin.

• Donny and _____. The caller thought Bigfoot would get the answer of Marie, but he was wrong because Bigfoot answered Clyde.

• Abbott and _____. The caller predicted Bigfoot would guess Costello, but he was incorrect again because Bigfoot responded with “Moe and Curly.”

• “Cagney and _____.” The caller said Bigfoot wouldn’t get the answer, but he did when he went with Lacey.

• Simon and _____. The caller guessed Bigfoot wouldn’t know the answer, but he was wrong because Bigfoot answered Garfunkel.

• Sonny and _____. The caller said Bigfoot would guess the answer, but Bigfoot went with “cloudy.”

Before Howard got to the last question, the caller wanted to know how many snacks Artie had already consumed this morning, and he reported he’d eaten pancakes, a bagel and chocolate chip cookies, as well as a number of Hawaiian Punches. Artie then mentioned he would be filming another episode of “Rescue Me” until 9 p.m. today, and he was nervous about eating even more if there was good food on the set. Howard then played the final pairing given to Bigfoot, which was:

• Butch Cassidy and _____. The caller said Bigfoot would know and he was right because Bigfoot knew the answer was the Sundance Kid.

After Howard said the caller won $500, he played some more clips of Bigfoot trying to guess pairings, where he resorted to naming one of the Three Stooges whenever he didn’t know the answer. Howard went on to play Mark Harris’ “I’m a Gay Papa,” as well as a cover version of the song by a band called The Bleeding Deacons.