Jon Hein: Acting Innocent on the Air

May 8, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard played a clip of Jon Hein claiming on yesterday’s “Wrap Up Show” that he rarely went to strip clubs, and that he “couldn’t remember” the last time he pleasured himself.

Despite this, Howard thought Jon was lying and was just embarrassed to admit certain things about his life, but Jon came into the studio and claimed he was telling the truth.

Jon then explained that, whenever he was feeling “the urge,” he had sex with his wife, and again noted he didn’t masturbate unless his wife was away for “a long period of time.”

Howard next got to a tape from Greg Fitzsimmons’ show last night on Howard 101, where he and his guest, Andy Richter, discussed having their wives insert a finger into their rear ends during sex and how much they liked it.