Imus Drops Some Anti-Semitic Jabs at Howard

May 8, 2007

Howard got to a clip from years ago of Imus referring to him as “a Jew bastard” while being interviewed, and also read an e-mail from a listener who informed him that one of the lines the comedian, D.L. Hughley, used on “The Tonight Show” last week about Imus – namely that he looked like “a werewolf that didn’t finish changing” – was actually used by Dennis Miller a few weeks earlier.

Howard then played the tape from “The O’Reilly Factor,” of Dennis saying he thought Imus resembled “a werewolf that only had enough energy to get through half the transformation.”

Upon hearing the clips, Artie said he felt D.L. was such an established comedian that he doubted he stole the line, and that he and Dennis probably came up with the same idea.