How Badly Does Eric the Midget Want a Job?

May 9, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Johnny Fratto called in to say he encouraged Eric the Midget to take the job as grand marshal of the Erotic Exotic Ball, and Eric got back on the line as well. Johnny then revealed he negotiated a deal for Eric involving ringtones, but Eric said he never signed the contract because he didn’t understand it and couldn’t afford an attorney to look over the deal.

When Johnny next said Eric wanted him to call Donald Trump for a job, Eric replied that he never asked him to do that, and Johnny added he didn’t know Donald anyway. Robin then wondered what about the ringtone contract confused Eric, and he said, “There was way too many lines,” adding he didn’t know where he had to sign and where the people who wanted to hire him had to sign.

As Artie began making fun of Eric using his impression of Johnny, Johnny asked Eric if he was going to “let him get away with that,” but Eric remained silent. However, after a minute, Eric started making fun of Artie’s weight, which just led to Artie ridiculing Eric’s size.

When Johnny told Howard how much he enjoyed the show yesterday because of the way he spoke about his childhood, Eric added he thought the previous week’s shows “sucked,” explaining he didn’t want to hear about Gary’s party for “three straight days.” This led Artie, still in his Johnny impression, to once again make jokes about Eric, and to Eric hurling fat insults back at him, including something about being mistaken for a manatee when he was in Miami last weekend.