Love Gets a Second Chance

May 9, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard took a call from Joey Buttafuoco, who reported he’d recently gotten out of jail and was served with divorce papers from his second/current wife as soon as he was released. Joey said he was locked up this time because shotgun shells were found in his house, which he added was a violation of his parole.

However, Joey also claimed he thought the police had removed the shells years previously when they confiscated the shotgun which they for were used, but that he decided to serve his year in jail without fighting the charges too much. Joey next reported he did his time in the L.A. County Jail, and that the only time he was allowed to his leave cell for the most part was when he took his daily shower.

Howard mentioned that since Amy Fisher and Joey were both getting divorced from their respective spouses at the same, there were now rumors circulating that they were getting back together, but Joey reported that the rumors weren’t true, even though he acknowledged he had attempted to contact her. Joey went on to say he was going to be in New York later this month and that he hoped to go out to dinner with Amy at that time, but that he was doing so just so that he could apologize for the way he treated her in the past.

Howard wondered if Joey was tempted to make news by dating Amy again, but he replied that he didn’t need to do that in order to get press. Joey’s agent, David, who was also on the line, then denied he was involved with circulating the rumors, although he admitted he was Amy’s agent as well.

As David went on to say he was having Joey and Amy’s reunion videotaped, Robin pointed out she thought the meeting sounded like a setup for a television show, an assertion David laughed off. Joey Boots called in to yell at Joey for thinking about being with the woman who shot the mother of his children, but Joey insisted all he was going to do was have dinner with Amy.

Joey added, though, that since Mary Jo was able to forgive Amy, he believed everyone else, including his kids, should do the same thing. Howard asked Joey if he’d have sex with Amy if she offered herself to him, and he said he would before also saying that he didn’t think she was “crazy,” despite the fact that she once accused him of being her pimp and giving her the gun she used to shoot his ex-wife, which were both allegations Joey denied.

Sometimes Money Isn’t Worth It

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

As the conversation continued, Artie referred to David as “a creep” because he was trying to make money by encouraging Joey to have sex with the woman who shot Mary Jo, and added he met Mary Jo and Joey’s son and that he felt sorry for them given Joey’s behavior.

However, as the exchange went on, Howard announced they were having phone problems, and he kept losing both Joey and David. This led Howard to joke that one of the reasons he felt the SIRIUS/XM merger should go through was so they could afford a decent phone system.

After David got back on the line, he claimed he wasn’t being sleazy, but avoided Artie’s question about whether his kids would be upset with him if he started dating the woman who shot their mother.

David proceeded to say he was simply trying to “facilitate” love between Joey and Amy, but Artie pointed out he thought the reunion would only cause pain to all the parties involved.

Howard next took calls from listeners, all of whom backed Artie’s point of view.

When Joey asked Howard what he thought about the potential reality show, he replied he felt it would have “explosive ramifications” on his family, and Artie added that, had his parents been in an similar situation, he would’ve “hit his dad with a bat” if he started dating the woman who’d shot his mother.

Dominic Barbara, who was Joey’s former attorney, was the next person to get on the line, and he advised him not to sleep with Amy. Joey then mentioned he hadn’t yet told his children about his plans, and admitted he hadn’t been in touch with them since before he went to jail.

After Joey and David hung up, Howard took more calls from listeners, with most of them saying they agreed with Artie, although one of them said he felt that because Joey’s kids were now grown, they wouldn’t be affected by his decision.