A Daughter’s Point of View

May 10, 2007

Howard took a call from Joey Buttafuoco’s 24-year-old daughter, Jessie, who said she wasn’t surprised by her dad’s decision to potentially reunite with Amy Fisher, as was announced yesterday on the show.

Jessie mentioned she last spoke to her dad five months ago, and that she had tried to contact him a number of times since then, but that she hadn’t heard back from him. Jessie went on to note she was doing well in life despite the infamy surrounding her last name, and admitted she was now considering changing her surname because of the way her dad had been treating her over the years.

Jessie acknowledged that hearing about Joey’s plan to meet Amy again was like “putting a knife in my heart and twisting it.” Jessie proceeded to insist she’d never agree to spend time with Amy and predicted her dad would end up making some sort of sex tape with her.

Jessie then admitted what her dad did with Amy 15 years ago affected her ability to look at men in a healthy way, admitting she was a virgin and has never even had a boyfriend. Jessie also credited her mom, Mary Jo, with encouraging her to be strong, and added she used her mom as a role model when it came to forgiving her dad.

Dominic Barbara, who represented Joey during his trial, then called in to say he always thought Jessie was “a good kid,” and talked about how “normal” the Buttafuoco home was during the early 1990s despite all the media attention Joey was getting at the time.