Fans Unite Against the Reunion

May 10, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The show began with a discussion about yesterday’s interview with Joey Buttafuoco and his manager, David, who had both called in to talk about Joey’s upcoming meeting with Amy Fisher for a reality program and the chance that the two might rekindle their relationship.

After reading e-mails about the exchange, with many of them agreeing with Artie who referred to David as a “creep” for even suggesting the encounter, Howard also read messages about Richard’s licking of Sal’s “balls” on Tuesday.

In them, listeners questioned the constant homosexual themes on the show, and called everyone in the studio “sick” for condoning the behavior.

Howard then took a call from a listener who wanted to know if Artie would end up apologizing to David the same way he did recently following a blow up he had at Jason, but Artie assured him the two situations were worlds apart and that he didn’t feel badly for what he said to David.

Johnny Fratto also called in to congratulate Artie for the stance he took against David, adding he didn’t think Amy should’ve ever been released from prison after being convicted for shooting Joey’s wife, Mary Jo.