Sir Elton Calls In …Er, Sir Sour Soes

May 10, 2007

As the conversation about Joey continued, Howard interrupted it and announced Elton John was on the phone, but, once Howard got to the call, Robin started laughing because she knew it was actually Sour Shoes, who immediately played “Philadelphia Freedom,” “Island Girl” and “Burn Down the Mission.” Because Sour Shoes was screaming the songs, Howard asked him if his parents were home, and he replied they were out getting food for his upcoming 28th birthday party, even though it was only 6:20 a.m. Artie then requested Sour Shoes play “Amoreena,” but Howard asked him to play “Madman Across the Water” instead, which he did.

Artie went on to request Sour Shoes to play “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters,” while Howard wanted to hear “All the Girls Love Alice,” but, as Sour Shoes played both of them, with a little


thrown in for good measure, Howard acknowledged he’d “had enough” and ended the call.