Hanzi Calls In Depressed from Outside of Toronto

A caller talks to Howard about not being able to score women or hold down a job

May 14, 2007
Skyline of Toronto over Ontario Lake at twilight Skyline of Toronto over Ontario Lake at twilight Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Howard started today taking a call from a regular caller named “Hanzi,” who explained he was depressed for a number of reasons, including that he was a Pakistani living outside of Toronto, didn’t have much luck with women, and couldn’t hold a job.

In fact, Hanzi said that, because of his troubles, he had a psychiatrist who advised him to stay at home, despite the fact that he was 23 years old. Hanzi also noted he was interested in becoming a standup comedian, which led Howard to ask if he had a resume, to which Hanzi claimed he did.

As Hanzi talked about how he used to work at a backroom in a discount store, Artie joked that Hanzi should take advantage of his heritage and join al-Qaeda.

After Howard and Sal gave their opinions about how Hanzi could be a better comedian, Hanzi announced he had some of his act on YouTube, so Howard took a look at his clips.

Hanzi then mentioned he was a rapper as well as a standup, and Howard played one of his songs, again from YouTube, where he rapped about how bad his life was. However, Howard acknowledged he wasn’t overly impressed with Hanzi’s performance and told him he needed to move on with the show.