Chick Flicks Make for a Perfect Evening

May 15, 2007

Howard announced he and Beth had “a gay night” last night, reporting that they watched “The Holiday” together, which Robin pointed out was “a chick flick” that she wanted to see as well. Howard replied by saying he didn’t like the first 20 minutes of the movie, but thought it turned out “pretty good.”

Howard then mentioned Beth wanted him to record the season finale of “How I Met Your Mother,” but he wasn’t sure how to since he was recording “Dancing with the Stars” at the same time.

After Gary informed Howard that he had a copy of “How I Met Your Mother” if he wanted it, he responded that he was able to figure out how to tape both shows. Robin next asked Howard if he was still playing chess, noting he hadn’t mentioned it lately, and he told her he was. Howard also explained he’d been struggling with the game lately, but he was sure he’d bounce back at some point.