Lottery Winner: Million Dollar Mike

May 22, 2007

Howard brought a guy named Mike into the studio, explaining that he works in the building’s copy center and had recently won a million dollars from a scratch off lottery ticket.

Mike explained that he does the scratch off tickets all the time, and usually wins a few dollars at a time, which he saves up to cash in all at once. This time he cashed in $40 worth of winning tickets to buy the ticket that ended up being worth $1 million.

Mike explained that he doesn’t get a lump sum payment, but gets $50,000 a year over the next 20 years, which Robin was quick to point out was more like $35,000 after taxes.

Artie then started to give Mike “advice” on what to do with his winnings – like taking the Braves over the Mets tonight. Howard also advised Mike not to lend anyone any money, but Mike said that no one has even asked him for any yet – but he would take Howard’s advice should they ever do so.

As Howard wished Mike luck with his new found fortune, Artie continued to give him his “locks” for tonight.