Chyna Stops by to Talk About Her Anna Nicole Smith Movie

Wrestler tells Howard they're starring together in a straight-to-DVD film science fiction film called "Illegal Aliens"

May 23, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Chyna announced that the real reason she stopped by was to promote the movie she made with Anna Nicole Smith, “Illegal Aliens,” which was just released on DVD.

Howard asked if there were any reviews out for the movie and Chyna said the only one she knew of was from the Washington Post, which called it “wonderfully horrible.”

Chyna explained that she plays an evil male alien trapped inside a female human and there are three good aliens that try to stop her from destroying the earth. When Howard asked if Anna Nicole even knew Chyna was in the movie with her, Chyna said of course she did, primarily because they were in a bunch of scenes together and even tongued her ear at one point.

Howard asked if Chyna was even into girls, and if Anna Nicole had ever blown her – both of which Chyna said no to.