High Wind Warning

Howard talks about attending the premiere of "Crazy Love."

May 23, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

When Howard mentioned going to the premiere for the movie his publicist, Dan Klores, made called “Crazy Love,” Robin said she had completely forgotten about the premiere. She said she was at Café Gray with some friends planning her up coming trip to Burgundy. Given her lapse, Howard told her he was going to turn her on to Franklin Covey, the maker of the organizer he used. Robin said she once had an assistant who kept an organizer for her and when she looked back on it she couldn’t help but think how busy she was. This led Artie to note he felt the same way when he looked back on his American Express statements. Back on the subject of the movie, Howard said it was kind of a disturbing story about a guy who tries to get a girl, and when he can’t, throws lye in her face, permanently disfiguring and blinding her. To make matters worse, the woman begins visiting the guy in jail and ends up marrying him upon his release. Howard thought the whole thing sort of reminded him of the Amy Fisher/Joey Buttafuocco story – which really bothered him. Howard went on to explain that it was windy on the red carpet last night and Beth’s short dress got blown up several times and they both hoped there weren’t any photos of it floating around on the Internet.