A Little Cameo & Dinner Date

June 14, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eric the Midget called in, and after complaining about being on hold for a while, asked if anyone had seen Chris Angel’s “Mindfreak.” Howard said it was a good show and congratulated Chris on dating Cameron Diaz.

Eric claimed that he can be seen in a new episode of the show. Howard asked Eric what he was doing during his cameo, and Eric replied that he was watching Chris perform a trick in the Luxor hotel.

Eric mentioned that he was almost in “Hogan Knows Best” as well, but they never used the footage they shot in Sacramento. Robin asked Eric how his favorite porn star, Brandy Talore, was, and Eric said they still talk on the phone. Howard said that if Eric allowed HowardTV to film his date with her, Eric would have a better chance of getting laid as result.

Howard agreed to arrange the date, but noted that Eric would regret not having cameras there. When Howard tried again to convince Eric to let cameras film the date, Eric flatly refused.

Howard told Eric not to come crying when he has to hump his bed after their date.