A Bagel Boy Can’t ‘Take Care of’ Anyone

June 21, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard again played the clip of Tracey, the show’s office manager, yelling at Steve Grillo over sticking the interns with a $300 bill at the bar where he worked. Mike, a former intern (full disclosure: Mike is also the author of this rundown), called in to back up Tracey’s story, claiming that Grillo did offer to “take care of” the interns at the bar.

Howard played the rebuttal Grillo recorded for HowardTV, which Howard said actually supported Tracey’s argument. In the clip, Grillo admitted that he promised to “take care of” the interns, but changed his tune when they started ordering “top shelf” liquor.

Howard played the rest of the rebuttal, and Grillo made a few more outlandish claims about Tracey. Much to Artie’s amusement, Grillo also claimed that “bartenders everywhere” should be upset.

Steve “the Intern” came in to say one of the female interns was “off doing her own thing” and she was the one ordering the top-shelf liquor. Steve said everybody else stuck to beer, and noted that not one drink was comped. Ralph then called in to point out how stupid Grillo was for admitting guilt in his rebuttal.