A Literally Psycho Wrestler

June 27, 2007

Howard began the show by discussing details of the Chris Benoit murder-suicide. Howard and Robin agreed that Triple H’s “tribute” story from the day before only demonstrated that Chris didn’t have it together. Robin said reports were saying that the needle marks on Chris’ son’s arms could’ve been from HGH injections. Howard noted that Vince McMahon apologized last night for the three hour tribute that WWE aired in Chris’ honor on Monday night. Howard then played a clip of McMahon’s apology, and said that if Fred had done the same thing as Chris, this show would go on.

Howard speculated that Chris’ demotion in the WWE world could’ve contributed to his downfall, and Robin remarked that wrestlers don’t like it when the storyline turns and they begin to “lose.” As Howard played more clips from the tribute, Robin noted that no one told any personal anecdotes. Howard reported that Chris’ wife used to be a character named “Woman” in the WWE, so their tenuous relationship made sense. Robin said she was creeped out by the timeline and circumstances of Benoit’s crimes; the days between the murders, the bibles laid next to each body, and the needle marks on the boy’s arms.