Tracy Morgan Is Bladerunner Now?

August 2, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Tracy Morgan came in to promote his three-night stand at Caroline’s and showed everyone his alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet, saying “I’m Blade Runner now!” Tracy claimed he hit bottom a little while after his last appearance on the show because his hood-to-riches success story placed a lot of pressure on him. Tracy remarked that Paris Hilton deserved jail time because, “All you white people know that a ‘time out’ don’t work.” Howard asked if Tracy was still drinking, and Tracy reported that he’s been sober for three months. Tracy said he had a lot of fun making babies when he was on food stamps but he’s paying for it now that they’re starting to prepare for college. Howard asked how many kids Tracy had, and Tracy joked, “On the books or off?”

Morgan Loves the Kids

Tracy reported that he gets his ankle bracelet off in 10 days, but doesn’t think he’ll have a hard time staying sober. Tracy said he now goes to schools to talk to kids about drinking and driving, but when Howard asked to hear Tracy’s speech, Tracy explained that he plays with kids and works in the message when it’s appropriate. Tracy also admitted that he was more interested in getting a production deal than seeing tits…at the current time.

Tracy told the crew that when he began making money, he moved his family to a Jewish neighborhood. Howard asked if the Jews freaked out, and Tracy said they just seemed confused. Tracy added that the fame and money hasn’t been all great, as he had to take his kids out of public school because the teachers would constantly distract them with Tracy’s SNL bits. Tracy said he was trying to think about his legacy now, so he’s dead serious about staying sober.

Tracy’s a Big Star But Money Is Money

Tracy noted that he didn’t think he gets star struck anymore, unless it was Michael Jackson.

Howard was surprised that Tracy was a Jackson fan, so Tracy explained that people who start early, like Michael and Dave Chappelle, have a hard time keeping it together. Tracy said he wasn’t like Dave, because he’d never walk away from $50 million that could potentially take care of his “kids’ kids’ kids.”