New Couple Alert: Jim & Robin

August 15, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jim Florentine thought he and Robin were sharing a “moment,” so he asked Robin out on a date. Robin said that, if she thought Jim was serious, she’d go. Jim replied that he loved black women, because they start moaning the second you touch them, whereas “white women are like cars in the wintertime.” Artie thought Robin’s body language showed she was attracted to Jim, so Jim suggested they go to Nobu sometime. Robin finally said yes! Robin laughed that she was now afraid that she’ll be fielding the advances of the entire “Hack Pack.” Howard asked if Robin would bang Jim on the third date, but she said it probably wouldn’t get that far. Jim agreed, saying he’d bang her on the second date and never call her again. Howard noted that Robin had a “bad case of the giggles.” Robin explained that she was having a hard time taking Jim seriously, as she still doubted his intentions.