Robin and Jim Florentine Talk on the Phone

August 20, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard asked Robin if Jim Florentine had called her since his on-air request for a date, and Robin acknowledged that he had. However, their schedules are currently out of sync, so they’ll be going on a date at a later time. Robin said they talked for about 20 minutes, which surprised Howard, so she explained that she “could talk to a wall,” as she’s good at “making people think I’m interested.”

Robin admitted that she and Jim talked about how the Stern audience’s reaction ended her relationship with Penn Jillette. Robin said Jim called her while she was in the car, but she didn’t want Jean, her driver, to hear the conversation, so she called him back later.

Howard asked what else they talked about, and Robin said Jim told her that Shuli had been calling him all morning to get his reaction to Robin’s revelation that she had a little crush on Jim. Robin admitted that she had “an incredible curiosity” when it comes to Jim, but she didn’t want to make things “clinical” yet.