Jim’s Unique Charm

August 21, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Speaking of Jim, Robin noted that, if she were to sleep with anyone on the first date, he’d have to be “one charming motherf’er.”

Howard noted that Robin once had anal sex with a man she’d just met, so the possibility does exist that she might sleep with Jim. Artie and Howard repeated their claim that Jim was sincere in his pursuit of Robin.

Ralph called in to voice his concern that Jim was using Robin for the on-air mentions, but Howard thought that was ridiculous. Robin claimed that Jim “was one of you guys” because he hung out with “the Hack Pack” all the time, so she retains her doubts.

Howard said he couldn’t wait until he could have Jim on to talk about what it’s like to bang Robin, but Robin replied that was the whole reason he’ll “never get there.” Robin then told Steve Langford that if he kept trying to report on the date, she’d make sure that it never happens.