Bombing on Stage…and in a Van

August 22, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Greg told the crew that he was training Alison Waite, a Playboy Playmate, to be a stand-up comedian, and she was actually pretty good. Howard asked Greg if he really told a joke about “Deal or No Deal” in front of Howie Mandel, and Greg told the joke, which cited the show as a reason why terrorists hate America. Greg explained that he had warned Howie about the bit before he told it, but when he was bombing on stage later, he had to use it…at Howie’s insistence. Howard told Greg that Richard Christy used to crap in a toilet he had installed over a hole in the floor of his van. Richard came in to explain that he bought the van for $400 to drive to parties so he had a place to crash afterward, instead of driving drunk. Richard said he had a sleeping bag in the back, and he used to throw the dirty toilet paper out the window. Artie wondered if Sal or Richard was more intelligent, so Richard claimed he was smarter because he’d done better in school.