Wendy Wants to Be Kept Woman

September 26, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard played a few messages Wendy the Retard left for him. In the messages, a remarkably coherent Wendy asked for some “support,” wondered why she’s never invited to the studio anymore, and called Howard “a selfish old man.” Howard then got Wendy on the phone, and she explained that she is in financial trouble. Wendy said she babysits her brother’s kids while he’s on “work release.” Howard then made Wendy do some simple bathroom math and awarded her $500 for her correct answer. Wendy noted that she had a retarded boyfriend, but he’s already cheated on her and even asked her to change her hair on their first date. Wendy also told the crew about missing the toilet and having to clean up when she tried to go “number 2” once at the bowling alley.