Free FM Hemorages Nick DiPaolo

October 3, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard brought in Nick Di Paolo to discuss his canceled radio show and asked him how much he enjoyed his former job. Nick said he “f’ing loved” being a talk radio host and hoped to return to the fold soon. Howard asked Nick about his “conservative” viewpoints, so Nick said he supported the war in Iraq and Gingrich for president. Nick then claimed he knew his radio show was going to be canceled, as FREE FM had been “hemorrhaging” money ever since Howard left. Nick told the crew that he was painting the roof of his house when he found out his show was being canceled. Nick also reported that he’s tried calling Artie lately, but Artie doesn’t return his calls. Artie said he wanted to go to a barbecue that Nick was throwing, as he loves Nick’s wife and home, but wasn’t able to make it. Nick then confessed that he was concerned for Artie’s health and personal well-being.

Sal came in to say that when he first started doing stand-up, Nick “shot [Sal] down” at a gig by saying, “Who’s next? High Pitch Erik?” Artie revealed that he booked Sal at the comedy show so he would only have to do a 40 minute set instead of 50 minutes. Sal laughed off the comment but admitted that he was offended again when Nick left in the car they were supposed to share back to their hotel.

Nick said he was recently offered a radio gig in his hometown of Boston but turned it down when they demanded he move there. Howard asked Nick if he had any other projects in the works, so Nick confessed that when Kevin Reilly took over at Fox, he killed a roast-type show Nick had been developing with the company for two years.