Howard is Watching

October 3, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Erica, who was last on the air in June, called in to ask why Howard continued to watch her via cameras he’s installed in her home. Gary explained that Erica calls the office and writes letters all the time, so Robin asked her what technology she thought Howard was using to watch her. Erica claimed that Howard has been watching her with imperceptible cameras (“because he has the latest technology”) for 7 and a half years to “keep in touch with the common person.” Erica told the crew that she sent Howard some poems a long time ago, and ever since, he’s been watching her. Erica demanded that Howard meet privately with her so they could talk about his surveillance, but Howard leveled with Erica, telling her that he wasn’t watching her – she was suffering from a delusion. Howard then suggested that Erica go to a hospital and get treatment immediately or, if that didn’t work, he revealed that wearing a tinfoil hat interferes with the camera signals.