Is Howard Turning Into ‘Groomzilla’?

The latest from Beth's interview with People Magazine.

October 8, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Lisa G reported that when Beth O was interviewed by People magazine recently, she said that Howard was turning into “Groomzilla.” Beth was quoted as saying that the wedding will most likely happen in the Hamptons next summer and Howard had some definite feelings about the wedding. Howard then told Lisa that he might not have a wedding at all, and the whole crew laughed at Lisa’s “crestfallen” reaction. Lisa explained that she was excited for the wedding and couldn’t wait to interview the florist and maker of the wedding gown, so Howard again denied that the wedding will be a public event. Lisa thought there will be helicopters circling in the sky on the wedding date anyway, but when Howard told her she would have to be in a copter to see the wedding, Lisa answered, “No wedding. No Christmas. Thank you.”