Robin Gets a Compliment

Staff also discusses diets and makeovers

October 18, 2007
THE NEW Q THE NEW Q Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard told Robin how great her ass looked in the pants she wore yesterday. Gary said he hasn’t seen Robin eat “anything recognizable” in a while, noting that Robin’s lunch smelled like farts.

Howard played a clip from The Intern Show of the interns saying Robin’s lunch smelled like “steamed farts,” “Crackhead Bob shit his pants,” or “a dirty diaper bin.”

Robin explained that her lunch was just steamed vegetables.

Ronnie came in to tell the crew that the smell of Robin’s lunch takes over the whole floor, and when Kid Rock stepped into Scott the Engineer’s studio to record a promo, he ran out screaming because of the smell.

Howard asked Robin if Judith Regan was eating and drinking the same foul food, but Robin didn’t think so.

Robin confessed that she was thinking about getting a makeover to take advantage of her new body.