Checking In On Artie’s Diet

October 30, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Artie claimed he did “alright” yesterday; three coffees, a bagel, and rice and chicken for breakfast; a turkey sandwich for lunch; and grilled chicken with sautéed spinach for dinner. Artie added that yesterday was a weird day: he and Gary went on Ray Ellin’s Internet talk show (netting each of them a “couple grand” in the process). Howard noted that Artie must’ve had fun on Ray’s show, as he stayed on 40 minutes longer than the 20 minutes he was originally booked for. Gary came in to reveal that he had to follow Artie on the show, which meant he was out really late. Artie laughed that the show’s guest chair was so small, he couldn’t turn around to look at the piano guy. Robin asked Artie what he was going to do for Cupcake Wednesday, so Artie claimed he wouldn’t be enjoying any cupcakes. Gary seconded Artie’s sentiment, saying he and “some of the other heavy guys here” wish the cupcakes came every other Wednesday.