Defender to Scab in One Phone Call

November 12, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eric the Midget called in to say he supported the Hollywood Writer’s Strike because he now considers himself “Eric the Writer.” Howard explained that Eric couldn’t strike if no one was interested in his work, but Eric didn’t care. Eric repeated his claim that Johnny Fratto hadn’t written any of his script samples – his friend Courtney just helped him edit them. Howard then proposed that he produce one of Eric’s scripts for HowardTV. Doug Goodstein came in to confirm that HowardTV might be interested in producing one of the scripts, and Howard told Doug that he wanted a “real director” to make the film. Howard suggested a few girls to play Eric’s love interest in the movie; Tori Spelling, Sarah Silverman, or Mary Louise Parker. Eric thought Tori Spelling was a good choice. Howard then told Eric to get to work and finish the script, as he wanted to start production as soon as possible. Despite having originally called to support the striking Writers’ Guild, Eric said he would get to work on his script right away.