Robin and Jim Rock Out on Date Three

November 12, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard remarked that Robin went on yet another date with Jim Florentine this weekend; they went to a Van Halen concert together.

Howard laughed that Robin and Jim were seen holding hands, and a caller confirmed the story. Robin explained Jim only held her hand to lead her through the “dangerous” crowd, adding that Jim bought the tickets after asking where she wanted to sit and that they ate at an Italian restaurant before the show.

Howard asked Robin if she was wearing a new outfit today, so Robin replied she was only “reclaiming” old clothes from the back of her closet. Robin said she was wearing a similar outfit at the Van Halen concert, leading Howard to ask if Robin made out with Jim at the concert (like she did with the soap star who took her to a Grateful Dead concert). Robin denied any make-out sessions, but she did admit to giving Jim a “peck” on the lips at the end of the evening.