‘Grandma Caprio’ Prays For Dana

November 14, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After being prompted by a caller, Howard – as – “Grandma-Caprio” began discussing why Dana left Artie. Artie – as – “Beth” claimed she wasn’t interested in the discussion, as she was busy “watching another guy I made out with on TV.” “Grandma Caprio” told the crew that Dana’s big mistake was getting a dog and not allowing Artie to enjoy his prostitutes. “Beth” then said she’d love to discuss this more, but she had to run; “there’s a poodle with a fever out in Montauk.” “Beth” bragged that she found a loophole in Howard’s pre-nup, said her water just broke, and claimed that she can only get laid if she dresses up as a pawn or a rook. Each of the statements garnered an “oh!” from the crew. A caller asked what the chances were that Artie would get back with Dana, so Artie gave it a 2 out of 10. After hearing the odds, “Grandma Caprio” began praying to St. Anthony for a reconciliation.