They’ll Pay You To Read It

November 27, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Harry Franklin called in to offer money to any staffer who’d read his book and tell Howard about it. Meredith the intern came in to say she’d read it for $500 in a week, but Harry said he’d rather have a staffer read it. Will came in to say he’d read it for $400, so Benjy said he’d do it for $399. Will lowered his bid to $350, and Benjy went down to $300. Harry gave the “privilege” to Benjy, and Howard joked about how little reading Benjy will get done if Ivy Supersonic’s in bed next to him. Harry’s scenario reminded Howard of the script that Isaac (of HowardTV) had given him to read almost a year ago. Isaac came in to say that Howard should just read it for a half-hour and keep reading only if he likes it, but Howard said he wasn’t even willing to do that. Isaac then told the crew that his script, “The Golden Life,” was about “a group of twentysomethings coming of age in Manhattan,” which is partly based on his life – even though it has “a ton” of action and sex.